A Little Girl Of Long Ago by Amanda M Douglas Free PDF Download

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The pdf file for A Little Girl Of Long Ago by Amanda M Douglas is available for freepdfdownlod.com New Year’s came in with a ringing of bells and the firing of pistols. There are four years left until the world reaches half a century. Old New York’s little girl thought that was very ancient. They talked about it at the breakfast table. “Do you suppose anyone could live to see nineteen hundred?” asked the little girl, looking at her with wonder.

As the New Year commenced, the air was filled with the reverberating chimes of bells and the resounding shots of pistols. The little girl in Old New York perceived the approaching half-century milestone as an incredibly ancient era. Over breakfast, discussions arose, prompting the curious child to inquire, “Could anyone possibly live to witness the year nineteen hundred?” Her eyes brimming with awe and wonder.




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